Educational Leaders

Each month, leaders from across the United States share their views on education in America, and how it affects today’s teens, where we are going as a nation, and what needs to be improved.

Interviewed Guest will be asked these same tough questions about our nation’s education system: the leadership needed to improve our schools, what type of skills are teens need to develop to be successful, and how will this be done.

Here are those questions:

What type of skills do you think our teen’s need to develop to be successful in today’s workforce?


How would you rate our nation’s education system, STRONG, AVERAGE or POOR, in developing those skills, and WHY?


What are you doing to help our teens or schools meet the needs to develop these skills?


What is your greatest challenge in reaching today’s teens?


If you were a teen, why would you, trust you?


First Interview Coming in the Fall

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