Grad Week

What is Grad Week?

Grad Week purpose is to celebrate the outstanding accomplishment of our nation’s high schools, students, teachers, school staff, school-based organizations, and our community parents, during high school graduation ceremonies across the country – using the theme “America Shines during Graduation Week.”

Why Does America Shine?

Each year public, private, charter, and parochial high schools graduate over 3 million students (3.0 million students are expected for the class of 2024).

Which represents our future local, state, and country’s tax-base. Which funds are public services, senior citizens programs, and most importantly, our schools. That creates, are next workforce.

Without a strong and productive workforce, a country’s social climate and economic stability, means trouble for our elderly populations, our businesses, and to our country’s healthy families developmental growth.

So with 30,000 communities celebrating their high school daughters and sons great accomplishment for America every year. This event is a happening that affects the whole country. And we recognize how important it is.

That’s why, America Shines because are future parents, neighbors, and leaders have been born.

So Join This Year’s Celebration

It’s Easy. This is how. We’ve prepared a free toolkit to help get your community’s high schools, graduating seniors, their teachers, school-based organizations, and parents involved.

The toolkit titled “America Shines – During National Graduation Week.” You will able be to access the 2023 toolkit on January 20, 2024.

The toolkit is flexible to use, and easy to implement two-weeks before your high schools graduation ceremony. It involves using High Schools, School staff, school-base community organizations, and student’s social media accounts, with hashtags and their daily post.

Here is an example:

For High Schools and School-Base Organizations:

Hashtags on their websites and social media accounts, the week before graduation:

Hashtags on their websites and social media accounts, the week before graduation:

#Classof2024 #GradWeek #School State

#Classof2024 #GradWeek #School City

#Classof2024 #GradWeek #School District

#Classof2024 #GradWeek #Alumnus

#Class of2024 #GradWeek #GuidanceDepartment

#Classof2024 #GradWeek #School Vice Principal Name (Optional)

#Classof2024 #GradWeek #School Principal Name (Optional)

Hashtags on their website and social media accounts, the week of graduation ceremony:

#Class of2024 #GradWeek #GradNation or Supporting Community Group Name

#Class of2024 #GradWeek #GradNation or Supporting Community Group Name

#Class of2024 #GradWeek #GradNation or Supporting Community Group Name

For Graduating Students:

Hashtags on student social media accounts, 3 Days the week of their graduation ceremony:

Day 1: #Class of2024 #GradWeek #ThankYou (Parents) or (Mom) or (Dad) or (Grandparents)

Day 2: #Class of2024 #GradWeek #ThankYou (teachers’ name)

Day 3: #Class of2024 #GradWeek #Thanks (school staff person name)

Day of Graduation: #(High School Name),#Classof2024 hashtags, and post pics and video of graduation ceremony (optional)

These hashtags and posts will be shared throughout their school, community, state and across the country with other high school graduating ceremonies.

They Did What We Asked of Them

If America wants to be, first or great again it has to earn it.

And we believe our young people will, and can get the job done. And we want to thank them and encourage them in their future path towards success.

So let’s recognize their first step in accomplishing that goal. In addition, to thanking the high schools, school staff, community base programs, teachers, and the student’s parents, for a successful joint venture, during graduation week, went America Shines, perhaps its brightest.

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