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This section will feature 4 annual campaign teen topics that will be addressed by the site’s host.

This year’s Four Topics are: Bullying, Peer Relationships, Career Choices, and Should I Attend College or Not.

Each topic’s definition will set the platform for discussion, and then reply from the host to a question from a national story covering the subject.

The site host will share their thoughts on the topic and make a recommendation for a solution to the problem.

Students, parents, teachers and other educators are welcome to comment on each topic in the comment section, and share their opinion.

First Topic: Bullying


Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.

National News Story: Mother says bullying drove teen daughter to suicide.

Host: Giving in to someone out of fear is the wrong road to go. You have the power to wake-up every day, you decide to put on your clothes and put a smile on your face. No one controls you.

The fear of not being liked, or feeling special has nothing to do with it. You have to keep it real. Yesterday was yesterday, and today is today. You do your best and let GOD do the rest.

Losing control of yourself is always, always a bad path. Imagine going to prison, do you want to be popular? Think about it.

I know it’s hard not to be liked as a teenager, because it’s all you know. But, it’s not all there is. You still got a lot to see, be, and do. Check out this out.

Do you think any of those teens thought they would see, be and do?

Solution to Bullying: Never Give IN

Look them. In the eye, smile and walk away, if they yell at you, shake your head, dust them off, and out of your world. Take CONTROL.

If they touch you, you got a case. Which means adults will get involved. Go to the principal’s office, not your homeroom. The Principal’s office. Report what happen. If they won’t help you, ask to call your parent. If they won’t let you call your parent, you got a case. (Make sure the adults do their jobs).

Once you have a case, something will be done to stop the bullying. I know this sounds so easy, that it can’t be that easy. But it is.

And if any of your so called friends, says you’re a snitch, they’re not your real friend, they don’t really see you, no what you can be, or know what you can do. Be A Badass.

If you get cyber-bullied (social media attacked) block them. Set-up all private accounts. If that does not work, you got a case. Keep all of their messages, because you got a case. Live in Fear NO MORE. Take CONTROL.

You don’t have to believe what I’ve said, but I work with bullies in the court system, I see how afraid they get, went they were in a case. They are insecure and don’t know why they did what they did, and why they are in trouble.

Overall bullying is something that might happen to you, but has no control of you. Be who you are, wake-up every day, put on your clothes and put that unique smile you have on your face.  Start down that path to see what you have to see, become stronger and be who you will be and do what you have to do to take control. Never Give In.


Second Topic: Peer Relationships


Friends—they are really important to teens. And as teens grow, parents recognize that friends play bigger and bigger roles in their lives. They become romantic partners. They help teens develop social skills, try new activities, and provide them with lots of support and encouragement. Through their friends, teens figure out a lot about themselves and who they are becoming. Teens who have trouble forming positive friendship, relationships can struggle in many areas of their life.

National News Story: Better friendships in teen years may lead to better health in adulthood

Host: Children in the 21st century, are growing up in a new world, the now era. Everything at your finger tip, with access to 24-hour communication sources, and the ability to develop a social network with close or distant friends.

So relationships can be formed meaningful, casual or anonymous. In psychology term real relationships, non-real relationships, and fake relationships, all have different values.

What type of relationships are you on. If you’re in bad relationships, your chance for success in the future, is what it is. You have the power to make or break yourself, by who you choose to hang with.

Solution to Relationships: Its Your Fault

Let’s break down what a fake relationship is. Twitter, Instagram, and other follow and unfollow social media networks. So you get it, 90% of these people are playing a role, so they got issues already.

You cannot form a real relationship with a fake person. Because, it’s not real. However, many teens do. They let these losers into their lives. Is that asking for trouble? Yeah.

I don’t mean other online game anonymous players, because it’s a game. You do not ever, ever tell them your real name or address information, because this relationship is not real, it’s just a game. Get it?

Now, dealing with anonymous social media followers and “quote” friends is fake too. You get it? You can’t let them in your life either. Why, it’s not because they’re shy or feel they can’t find a friend, that’s not your problem. Help them, help them self. Tell them to go out and be their self, and believe in their self, and let nature happen. Your no professional helper, you’re a teen, if they want real professional help they can get it here for free.

Just like chat rooms, don’t get punked. They don’t know you. This is fake. So have fun, it’s not real. Don’t let them in your life. Don’t meet them, don’t give them any real info.

And remember, let the haters hate, those big ears and bad breath losers. They don’t know you or ever will.

Now dealing with casual peer relationships, the non-real relationships, is the hardest. Because, sometime you want to hang with them. The thing you have to ask yourself, can you walk away from this.

I mean, if you agree to hang out. But it gets weird or feels uncomfortable, can you say I am leaving, and they try to make you feel guilty or call you scared for leaving. That’s the time to go, because you are about to let them control you, if you stay. I mean I think I can stay a little longer, NO. Let me think about it, NO. You Got to Go and stay in control of your life.

I’m telling you the truth, not because I don’t want you to be popular. I’m telling you, because over 70% of teens that become drug users, pregnant, or locked up is because they lose control of their life, by staying. We want you to reach your full potential, be the best you can be, and the only way you can do that is by not losing control of your life.

The last relationship is finding out who is your real friend. Who wants you to do good; not feel you thing you are better than them. These relationships are hard to find. If you get one, two, three or more, you’re really lucky.

But, remember to find a real relationship you have to be real too. If your friend thinks about doing something that might cause them to lose control of their life, like make a decision that can get them in trouble; committing a crime, using drugs, getting pregnant. You have to be the BAD GUY, and say that’s stupid, let’s keep it real, that’s stupid, and I’m not co-signing (agreeing to) it.

That is what friends are for, and that is what a real relationship is.


Third Topic: Career Choices


The selection of a particular path or vocation in terms of career. This is usually influenced by parental guidance, vocational counseling, and training opportunities. It is also affected by personal preference and identification with figures and role models.

National News Story: Kids heading to high school? Here’s when to take control and when to let go

Host: Do you want to work for the money, or the money work for you. I mean, do you want to enjoy what you do, or do you want to have to do what you do?

This may sound easy, but to do what you enjoy and get paid for it, means you have to have skills. Skills other people may have too. Every high school and college football player can’t be a pro football player on their local team, went theirs only 53 spots available.

You can become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, but that requires six to eight years of education. A teacher, accounting or well-paid office managerial job also requires four years of higher education.

Police officers and firemen require only a high school diploma, but you also have to qualify physically and mentally. IT jobs, nurses and other health worker aides also require additional trade school training, after graduating high school. http://usent.org/Careers_to_21st_Century.html

In other words, if you want a good job that pays you enough money to own (or lease) a car, a house and raise a family, you need skills that will require some higher education and special training.

Solution to Finding A Career

First, you have to be available to complete high school and attend a college or trade school. If you decide to not prepare for life after high school; it’s a 99.9% chance you’ll end up a Have-Not.

What I’m saying is, what are you doing? If you are not prepared to become an adult in high school, what are you doing?

No, you can have fun in high school, be a teenager, and enjoy it. But, if you do not invest in your future as well, you have no one to blame.

Second, becoming a teen parent with no money. Really. Using drugs to escape reality, because you won’t try and fix the problems you’re facing or being challenged with; is digging you a hole to a Have Nots lifestyle as an adult.

Think about it, you have control of your future right now. What are you going to do?  Invest in your future Have an adult lifestyle or fall into Have Nots adult blame game.

The tools are here (school and community) for you to develop the skills you need to enjoy the career you want. If you become computer literate, you have the skills needed for college or trade school after high school.

Talk to your guidance counselor, make sure you are taking the classes you need to invest in having a good adult life.


Fourth Topic: Attend College or Not


The definition of college is a place of higher learning after high school that provides education and grants degrees or certification.

National News Story: Why I may not send my kids to college

Host: You pay for what you get. Is not always true. If your degree is not in demand, you paid for what you liked. That’s that.

Read the label. Get the facts. Find out what is and will be in demand, and plan to exist in that climate. If you’re an artist, take graphic digital design, with your paint brush. Why? Because money makes money.

The second largest US household debt are student loans. Your monthly payments can range from $100 to $750 a month. So you better choose your college goal wisely.

Solution You Have to Pay the Cost to be the Boss

80% of Jobs and careers, in the 21st century will require more than a high school diploma.  So saying no to higher education, may not be in your plan if you want to be a successful adult. Community colleges or two-year trade schools may be a good investment; for finding a safe job for about 20 to 30 years.

Knowledge is a very powerful tool. Get facts, find out what you can do, your life is not a game. Plan, build and get smarter.

Money makes money. Be who you are, but make sure you can afford to be who you want to be. Participating in school sports, extracurricular activities, community volunteering and working part-time in school increases your exposure to the adult world, and college opportunities.

Losers are made, just like Winners are made. Stay in control of your life. Plan, and Plan some more.

If you ever need help, contact us, and we’ll pledge to help.

The National High School Graduation Campaign Pledge


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